MISTIFI Oil Sprayer (New Edition)

荷兰第2代塑料喷油瓶 (新版)

200ml / 360ml


1. Non-Aerosal Oil Sprayer/Mister cooking oil and vinegar in a unique pattern for healthy foods
2. MULTI-PURPOSE USAGE: it works with several major types of cooking oils, vinegars, etc. it is great for salads, breads, baking or cooking
3. Easy and Safety usage for more cooking surface, perfect for oil control. come with filter to prevent the spray block.
4. Made from food grade plastic bottle, BPA- latex-, and DEHP- free. economical, reusable, recyclable
5. About 6oz (160ml); light, easy to clean. hand wash in warm, soapy water. Less hand fatigue by comparing with standard / traditional spray, hold and continuously spraying for 3 seconds, save your time, energy and reduce the number of compression and loss.


3.易於使用和安全使用,可增加烹飪表面,非常適合控製油。 隨附過濾器以防止噴霧阻塞。
4.由食品級塑料瓶製成,不含BPA-乳膠和無DEHP。 經濟,可重複使用,可回收
5.約6盎司(160毫升); 重量輕,易於清潔。 用溫肥皂水洗手。 與標準/傳統噴塗相比,手疲勞減輕,保持並連續噴塗3秒鐘,節省了時間,精力並減少了壓迫和損失的次數。

MISTIFI Oil Sprayer 荷兰第2代塑料喷油瓶

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